Fathers Day - Happy Father's Day - Multiples

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This UV printed wallet insert has been printed on your choice of either 2.5mm timber (so thicker than EFTPOS Cards) or 1mm thick white acrylic, and is the perfect gift for any hard to buy for Dad, Poppa, Grandad, or Nonno.

The card is designed to fit perfectly into your loved ones wallet, as the reminder that they are loved as they go about their day, the insert measures approx 82mm long, 54mm high and 2.5mm thick. It has been laser cut from blonde bamboo or white acrylic and then UV printed with the image shown.

Please note that the printing is only on one side of the insert, the other side is blank.

To place your order:

1. The details of the personalisation can be changed - eg it doesn't have to be for Daddy, it can be for Nonno, Poppy etc

2. Our website doesn't let us upload photos, so please ensure that you email [email protected] with your high res image, and your order number in the subject line. Please note we do not edit the images, so what is sent is what will be printed (it will just be cropped to fit the size needed).


Fathers Day - Happy Father's Day - Multiples

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