Christmas Eve Treat Box

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Who can forget the anticipation of Christmas Eve, wondering whether Santa will come and what will he leave behind. The wonderful family time of watching Christmas carols, and a special Christmas movie. 


This professionally made Christmas eve box is the perfect way to help your family build on those traditions that will stay with your children for a life time. The box has been made with Australian timber, and gorgeous joinery which will ensure that it will stand the test of time. Fill your boxes with new PJ's, a special movie or book and any other goodies you want your child to remember for a lifetime. 


There are two sizes to these boxes:

Medium: Measuring 200mm by 300mm (outside measurements) or 175mm by 275mm (inside measurements) and 14cm tall


Large: Measuring 300mm by 400mm (outside measurements) or 275mm by 375mm (inside measurements) and 14cm tall


Delivery: These will be delivered from late October to late November

Christmas Eve Treat Box

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